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#FITNESS #HEALTH & #WELLNESS within one social media platform. Join our community, Follow + Comment + Share products & services of your preference only, explore and discover exclusively like-minded people of the Fitness Health & Wellness realm. Utilize news feed , shopping cart, videos, messenger, google pin point, and many more features to promote your business to the focused audience. Embody App + Magazine your interest is welcomed by our Australian Team 04 522 49 777 Embody App + Magazine. Many thanks for our productive creative video shoot with Fight Like a Pro Peak Health Club

Posted by Embody App + Magazine on Sunday, May 27, 2018
Welcome to Embody.App, your #fitness #health & #wellness community platform 2019

We are in count down mode! To all #fitness #health & #wellness pioneers , your time has come ! Connect today to boost your product or service ! Register@embodyapp.com.au 00610452249777 @enjoyEmbodyApp

Posted by Embody.App Fitness Health & Wellness on Friday, January 4, 2019

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